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Many people skip the hardship of looking around and researching and fall for the first item on Google, however there are many other viable options, that actually will pan out, and pay-out better in the long run for many.  Its a good idea to consider all the alternatives and risks associated with them before giving a certain site the opportunity to buy your old electronics. – The fits option I want you all to consider is eBay.  eBay is a publicly distinguished company that allows you to list, sell, bid and get rid of your old electronics.  However there are many issues that are associated with selling on eBay.  We personally deal with eBay as minimally as possibly to decrease the possibilities of theft by mail, and a plethora of mail fraud cases that have arisen in the not so far past.  We shy away from it, however if your game for the risk when your ready to sell those old electronics, there are many people willing to buy, and pay a good price.  Who knows if your will not get in trouble if they “claim” they didn’t receive anything in the box, but either way theres a good chance you will get a higher price that we can give; given the associated risk involved. – Then there is another choice.  People get instant 30-day price locked offers that are guaranteed for 30 days.  You can either get a box sent to you with a pre-paid label, or print a label right of the internet, and send it in your own box.  When they receive your item, they inspect it, and within 2 days get you a check sent to you address that you provided, or an instant PayPal payment!  Either way, offers a competitive price,  fast turn around, and fully transparent business model with fast communication.  Its a great option depending on if you are wanting a better price and willing to take the risk, eBay will give you slightly better sale price, OR, can guaranty a price, guarantee your satisfaction and your item will be sold much faster then the case of – DeviceFlip, is a partner with CashitGadget, and they also offer nearly the same identical service, however they also offer a local pickup option in the Tri-Cities Washington area.  With this site, you can reserve and lock a price for your item and then meet locally at a public place to get your item sold faster then the send-in method.  They also can send you a box, and you will get your item sold fast.  They also offer the same similar features like 30-day Price locking, Free shipping both ways, and also another unique feature.  This unique feature gives you the ability to request your gadget be returned at any time and for any reason before getting fully processed.  For example, if the item you send DeviceFlip ends up being deferent then the one you chose on the site, and if your price ends up changing from DeviceFlip once received because of this, you can request to have it sent back.  The best part is that the shipping is still free.  Many times companies will charge people to have their devices sent back after a rejection of an evaluation, however with DeviceFlip, you don’t have to worry about that.  Its hassle-free, its worry-free, and its pretty easy actually.

Summary – It doesn’t matter where you choose to sell your old electronics, but one thing is for certain, the new piece of electronics that you plan to buy will be much nicer then your old model!  Enjoy upgrading while staying green with the mind of recycling.  Also another side note pointer, if you decide to sell your old device or old electronics, do it as fast as possible.  New models come out every day, and the prices of old electronics drops even faster and faster because so many new electronics that are more advanced feature much nicer things, which makes those older devices much less sought after, and much less valuable.  That was just a side not on this post:  Best Sites That Buy Old Electronics.

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