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Are you looking to buy a used iPhone online or at a store online?  Your in the right place!  If you wanting to buy an iPhone 3, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, or even an iPhone 5S, your at the right place!  As the tech world advances and morphs into new and merging technologies, devices of past times become old and unusable.  That is why was built.  At, you can sell your old devices to upgrade or buy a different device.  We buy broken iPhone models also!  However its not what you buy, its where you buy it that makes the difference.  Today we will give you some online iPhone buying tips for your everyday consumer experience!



So, lets say you just sold your iPhone to CashitGadget, because it was cracked or broken like the far right iPhone in the above image.  You got a fair amount of cash (considering it was broken) and you are now ready to buy another iPhone!  Well, you could go about this process in a number of ways.  But some of the ways are more difficult and could end in some devastating results.

  • Buy an iPhone online from  You could buy an iPhone from  They offer a great price for used, broken, or working iPhones.
  • Buy an iPhone online from  eBay has some good deals, however the prices are very high compared with Craigslist, to
  • Buy an iPhone online from  This can be a fun yet risky process and it isn’t advised unless you are well versed in the art of Craigslist transactions.

This essentially are the 3 most used ways to acquire an iPhone online, however they can be met with ons devastating results.  There was a guy that bought a iPhone and never opened the box because the seller didn’t want him to because it was shrink wrapped and new.  Her opened it only to find a literal green “Apple.”  This is sad, however you could be met with the same results if you don’t take very precaution to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Make sure that you can see the iPhone before you give them the money.   Make sure you have the device or iPhone in your hand prior to handing them the cash.  These are just a few tips that can minimize the damages caused by a Craigslist transaction gone wrong.  However if you use a website like, you avoid the possibilities that do occur on each day.  eBay also is a viable option, but the prices that eBay charges sellers makes the end price much higher then you need to pay.  You can also search on Google for “buy used iPhone online” and you will see that there are many viable results.

There are also other methods that you may know of, however the method above are the best we have found.  Please leave your comments below if you know any better options for buying a used iPhone online?

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