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Are you looking for feed s 5 cheat codes?  Your in the right place.  Feed Us 5 is a game that is played online where you can swim in rivers in 2D and keep eating yourself bigger and bigger as a hungry Piranha!


Feed Us 5, is a game where you are a hungry piranha.  Your goal, like a hungry piranha would be, is to eat anything and everything.  However it always helps to have a Feed Us 5 cheat code!  You will be able to get new abilities as a piranha swimmer!  Not only this, but these cheats give you the ability to Make your fish very fast, very very fast. Like a bullet!  There are also many more cheats that are offered for the Feed Us 5 game.  These cheats are found on if you visit that website!

The codes are entered easily.  If you want these codes, you can visit for the full list.  There are about 9 cheat codes that are currently listed on that website.  You can get the cheats for the Feed Us 5 game by visiting here:  Feed Us 5 cheats.

More On Feed Us 5:

Feed Us 5 is here and the little bloodthirsty piranha is ready for a relentless pursuit after human meat to evolve. Help him to board ships to get victims into the sea. It’s up to you to feed the fish and make him drink litters of blood while avoiding dangerous sharks. Much fun.
Controls: Mouse — Rating: 85% (4052 votes)

The truth about piranhas is that the live in the wild.  they don’t only eats humans in real life, but can be attracted to any flesh.  When you humanize it and put a piranhas experience on the web as a game it becomes Feed Us 5!  We hope the codes help you.

Thank you again for reading, and remember to think about what you play before you play it!


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