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Funzio Modern War Codes Alliance ID Cheats – This is a great list of all the codes that you can use.  Many of these can give Gold, money and many other great advantages.


Its basically a cheat code and 3 series number combination that can be used to get things in the game Funzio Modern War Codes Alliance ID.  This is a list compiled from the Internet and given to you bellow!

This list includes the following cheats:

For 20 Free Gold Every 60 Hours, Funzio Modern War Codes for free Money and More Power, (NEW) Funzio Modern War Codes 20 Gold Bars Every 24 Hours, Funzio Modern War Codes for Get 25 Free Gold Every 30 Hours, Funzio Modern War Codes for Extra Grund Unit and Bonus Air Unit, Funzio Modern War Codes – Level 280, Over 8,000 Allies, Funzio Modern War Codes for get $1000, Funzio Modern War Codes – Level 20 and More

For CODES like this, simply just go here, to see ALL the codes for Funzio Modern war codes alliance ID.  –> Funzio Modern war codes alliance

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