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RSX – The Acura RSX, has been one of the most beautiful cars that you can buy, but have you seen the pictures of it?  Your about to see them now!

These pictures bellow were taken on an iPhone 4S.  You can see that the quality of the iPhone 4S, is excellent.  If your looking to get the best picture and image shooting smartphone that has a camera use the iPhone 4S  you will be amazed with the quality, and delighted with the possibilities that It will offer!  CHeck out these beautiful pictures today.

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More pictures TAKEN on the iPhone 4S, using panorama application!


Changes In the Acura RSX from 2004, to 2005

Revised suspension tuning for increased handling precision and a smoother ride
rsx Ride height reduced by 7 mm (0.3 in)
rsx Optimized damper and spring settings
Firmer stabilizer bars (front and rear for Type-S, front for RSX)
Bushings at suspension installation points were optimized
rsx Inversely wound front coil springs
Refined steering system for enhanced feel and quicker response
Swifter steering ratio
Stiffer steering column
Pump flow increased by seven percent
Kickback reduction valve
Optimized braking system for enhanced stopping power and feel
rsx Pedal stroke decreased
rsx Master cylinder diameter increased
rsx Brake pedal toe rigidity increased
rsx Larger diameter 17-inch sport design alloy wheels and 215/45R17 all-season high-performance tires
rsx Body rigidity increased 15 percent in front and 21 percent in the rear through the application of reinforcements at key areas
rsx Vehicle noise and vibrations reduced
Engine damper added to front subframe to reduce engine rocking and vibration transmitted from the engine to the cabin
Insulation material added at key points on doors and roof to reduce road noise
Side-mirror gaps sealed and weather strip added
New front and rear bumper designs
Redesigned headlight and taillight assemblies
Restyled signature 5-sided Acura grille
Redesigned side sill garnish
Four new exterior colors: Magnesium Metallic, Vivid Blue Pearl, Jade Green Metallic, Blaze Orange Metallic
Freshened interior design
Deeply bolstered front seats with thicker cushions
New chrome and titanium-look accents
rsx Meter faces changed from metallic to white
2005 & 2006 RSX Type-S additional enhancements:
The engine intake and exhaust modifications that boost the power of the Type-S models to 210 hp (157 kW) at 7800 rpm, compared to 200 hp (150 kW) at 7400 rpm on the previous model.
The ’06 Type S model has the same bhp as the ’05 model. SAE HP measurement ratings changed from ’05 to ’06.
rsx Higher performance camshafts sourced from the Type-R engine
Air intake duct enlarged for increased air flow
Larger diameter exhaust pipes to increase exhaust flow
rsx Catalytic converter optimized to reduce exhaust back pressure
Larger diameter front strut tower bar
Bushings replaced by bearings on strut mount
rsx Deck lid spoiler
6-speed transmission optimized with a lower final gear ratio for quicker acceleration and carbon synchronizers replacing brass on 5th and 6th gears for a smoother shift feel
Gear Ratios for the 2005 & 2006 revision
Gear Ratios 1st Gear – 3.267 2nd Gear – 2.130 3rd Gear – 1.517 4th Gear – 1.147 5th Gear – 0.921 6th Gear – 0.738 Reverse – 3.583 Final Drive – 4.765

Did you enjoy the pictures?  We hope this information was helpful!  Thanks for viewing: RSX

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