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Selling your broken iPhone doesn’t have to be a difficult duty.  In todays worlds, technology is constantly advancing at the speed of sound and we all seem half oblivious.  In fact so oblivious that people forget that they have old or broken technology or iPhones just laying around!  The simple truth is fact.  An average of 1-2 Million iPhones are currently just siting in the back of drawers.  Its really incredible to realize that nearly $100,000,000 is just sitting around in the back of peoples drawers.  People are either tired of taking the time out of their day, or they simply forget.  However what they are forgetting isn’t just the iPhone collecting dust, in fact it is the value they are forgetting!

You might be highly surprised but a newer generation iPhone in broken condition can be worth over $400 dollars.  In contrast a other Android phone wouldn’t get the same value in any circumstance.  iPhones are worth money, and if they are broken they are still worth money.  But when your iPhone cracks or breaks will you remember that value or let it go to waste by either letting it sit around or throwing it away.  It might seem crazy, but on average over 10,000 iPhones are thrown away each ear.  Yes this is sad, but the truth is that this doesn’t have to happen.  You can sell your broken iPhone and get a great price, but now the question is where?

3 Methods To Sell A Broken iPhone:

  1. Craigslist – If you don’t mind meeting locally, Craigslist can be a great way to offload your old or broken iPhone however you might not get too much.  Many times people on Craigslist will offer you a dirt cheap price and take advantage of the fact you “don’t know” what the value is.  However if you use an online website like or, you won’t end up guessing the value, because the value you are offered is the same to everyone.  Because online buyback / trade-in websites compete with other sites to offer the most competitive prices Craigslist isn’t so great in lights of this.  Also its less hassle as you will see below.
  2. / – If you want to get a up front quote and know that what it says you will get, a online trade-in site like is a great option.  In fact it might be an excellent option depending on how broken your iPhone is.  If it isn’t broken too much you might get over $400 granted it must be a newer generation iPhone.  But if you want to sell a broken iPhone 4, you will still get a great price and currently anywhere from $50-$120 in damaged shape.  Of coarse the newer the iPhone, the more you get!  You also don’t have the hassle of selling it yourself.  When you choose CashitGadget or DeviceFlip, all the hassle is taken out and all you have to do is use the prepaid shipping container provided.  Shipping is free, and the process is generally free of hassles.  Sell iPhone, Sell Broken iPhone, Sell broken iPhone 4, Sell broken iPhone 4S, sell broken iPhone 5, and sell Sell any broken iPhone 5S and get the best price and service with and  Learn More.
  3. eBay – The way may seem right, but in the end it leads to low profit.  eBay can sell your iPhone for a great price, but they charge you an insane amount for final value fees.  Sometimes you won’t make what you wanted and some times you will get scammed.  In fact in some circumstances people have been swindled from their money and their iPhone.  The way people do it is by asking youth ship your iPhone to a different address then on the order page.  Then you try to make them happy (to keep positive feedback) and you are left with a case in PayPal for not sending it to the right address.  In this case, selling your broken iPhone isn’t worth a whole lot.  If you know all the rules to the game, eBay can be helpful, but in many circumstances for the amateur seller it may not be the best option unless you are ready for a risk.  We advice using or, because it is easier, safer, and in some cases you get more!
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